Mark Forrest

Partner, Florida Jeep Jam, Panama City Beach, Florida

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Mark is a Native of Georgia and its here where he began investing in and purchasing a multitude of successful businesses until 1996 when Forrest sold his promotional business and moved to Panama City Beach, Florida where he remains today. In 2005 Forrest purchased a vacation rental property management company, Venture Out Vacations Inc is currently enjoying a 300% increase in sales and still growing. In 2013 Forrest joined efforts with Hess and secured an investment partnership with Hess Entertainment Group Inc. continuing to provide Panama City Beach, Florida entertainment thru 2016. Shortly following in 2017 Forrest arranged to purchase the remaining available shares of JBJ Productions Inc. Producer of Florida Jeep Jam, Panama City Beach, Florida. A Multi-Day Jeep Beach Vacation for Jeep owners, enthusiast & their families.

Served on the Following Boards:
Museum of Florida Jeeps
Friends of Florida Jeepers