Florida Speciality License Plate Now Available to Pre-Order

Florida Jeep owners will be excited to learn about a brand new specialty license plate they can now pre-order.

All proceeds go toward protecting and preserving Florida’s natural off-road habitat, and the design will connect with many Florida vehicle owners. The layout features a parked Jeep overlooking a classically beautiful Florida beach sunset and tag line is “EXPLORE OFF-ROAD”.

As of yesterday morning, there has been approximately 1,800 presale orders for the “Explore Off-Road” specialty plate. The State of Florida requires a minimum of 3,000 presale vouchers before manufacturing of this “Explore Off-Road” Florida tag can start. After goals have been met, all pre-ordered specialty license plates will go into production and then immediate shipped directly to everyone, before being available to purchase at DMVs across the state.

Registered Florida drivers can help get this specialty license plate into production faster by purchasing a presale voucher for $25 plus applicable fees from FloridaOffRoadFoundation.org or directly from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. As part of this countdown and only for a limited-time, Florida Off-Road Foundation is offering a free limited-edition flag only to those first 3,000 to pre-order.


How Will FL Jeep Tag Revenue Benefit Florida Off-Roads?

  1. PROTECT & PRESERVE Florida’s off-road culture and its natural heritage.
  2. EDUCATE Floridians about responsible use of the off-road environment.
  3. Support SEARCH & RESCUE volunteer programs to promote the use of off-road vehicles to assist law enforcement.
  4. RESTORE Florida’s off-road trails and natural habitat through organized cleanups, restoration, and expansion.



Florida Off-Road Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation (Tax ID# 83-3256522) under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and creator of the Explore Off-Road Florida license plate. For more information or to place an order, please visit FloridaOffRoadFoundation.org or https://myfloridaspecialtyplate.com/.