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*This price includes the $25 Tag Cost, a $5 Processing Fee and a $3 Service & Branch Fee*

EXPLORE OFF-ROAD Specialty License Plate from Florida Off-Road Foundation 

Tag Number *

Type in your current license plate number.

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Type this in for the person getting the tag (not your DL# if the tag is a gift). This is required by the State of Florida and will be kept private.

FREE Limited Edition Collectable Flag

We will include a free flag with your order. $8 shipping applies.



Pre-Order this Florida Specialty License Plate

The first 3,000 to secure their pre-order of the “EXPLORE OFF-ROAD” Florida Specialty License Plate will get a FREE Limited Edition Collectable Flag. Become eligible for the free flag by simply securing your voucher pre-order of only $33 + $8 cost for shipping of this limited edition flag. Once 3,000 speciality off-road tag orders are secured, the DMV will approve all speciality license plate orders for immediate production and delivery.

Top Ways Jeep Tag Revenue Will Help Florida Off-Roads
  1. Fund efforts to preserve and protect our Florida Trails, Nature Habitat and Wildlife.
  2. Fund organizations focused on educating the preservation and protecting of Florida Jeep culture and its off-road heritage as well as on site demonstrations, museums and education of Florida youth.
  3. Fund start-up programs that promote volunteer civilian jeepers participation in organized Florida Law Enforcement Search & Rescue, Emergency Rescue, Beach Patrol and other needs.
  4. Fund educational programs on the preservation and protection of Florida Trails, Habitat and Wildlife.